Sep 162014
Phil Eisa Me

Phil, me and Eisa

20140906_111311 20140906_111340


Diver panicked because he ran out of air and Eisa swam out to rescue him.

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Aug 042014

This is the only way you’ll get me to go noodling.

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This is our newest most favorite thing to do. Anytime I book a trip the first thing is to see if there is a segway tour.


The middle set of windows was Hitler’s office.


yard art? in front of some “strange” museum. These are plastic bales.


Our tour guide showing off his limbo moves.


Phil’s dinner at Hofbrauhaus was Sauerbraten of Alpine Ox in a sour gravy with bread dumplings


This was my dinner at Hofbrauhaus. 1/2 Bavarian Roast Chicken with potato salad.


These guys really were having a good time.


Lets just say the guy finally fell off his chair and broke his beer mug.


Apparently nudity is allowed on the beach, park, wherever. Notice the family having the picnic, yeah, I didn’t see them either until I posted this picture. Just a quick note, I did get a close up.


This “thing” has a P1 on it’s hip which is a shortened name for an exclusive night club. No way would we ever get in there.


A piece of the Berlin Wall.


man made river for the surfers.


Our segway group.

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Aug 032014

DSCF1035 DSCF1038 DSCF1041

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Aug 032014
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Aug 022014
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Aug 022014
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Aug 012014
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